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Pitt Medcast (School of Medicine)

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  • MINISERIES: Meet Anantha Shekhar - In this special three-part series, Pitt Medcast introduces Anantha Shekhar—Pitt’s new senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and the John and Gertrude Petersen Dean of the School of Medicine.
  • Ep.14: Perspective on two frightening outbreaks - Sunday, April 12, 2020, is the 65th anniversary of the announcement that the killed-virus polio vaccine--developed here at the University of Pittsburgh--was safe and effective. To mark the occasion, we bring you the perspective and advice of someone who has faced two frightening disease outbreaks up close. Meet David Harding, a Pitt instructor in the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences.
  • Ep. 12 - Polio Pioneers - What was life like before childhood vaccines? In this episode, hear from people who grew up in the shadow of a crippling disease—among them, schoolkids from the clinical trials of Jonas Salk’s killed-virus polio vaccine. Their accounts tell the story of how ordinary people helped win the struggle against one of the most crippling diseases in history.

Products of Pittsburgh (Clinical and Translational Science Institute - CTSI)

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  • Rhythms of Life: Daniel Buysse - Dan Buysse has spent nearly forty years studying circadian rhythms and has become one of the most impactful thought leaders in sleep medicine. He has made significant contributions in advancing circadian science, translating research into practice, and training the next generation. Yet, before becoming a doctor and building a career at the University of Pittsburgh, Dan was a kid like any other. Going to college, let alone being a doctor, was aspirational.
  • Designing the Digital Future: Ravi Patel - Ravi is a teacher, a researcher, and an innovator. He has a lot of interests and a lot of questions, such as how do different people interact and experience health care? What can we learn from those experiences? How might we inform and design a better health care experience?  Ravi is constantly tackling these questions with his students and through his research, but like many, he’s adapting his approach to changing conditions.

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"Healthy U - Back" Video Series

Is your neck or back stiff at the end of the day? Or does your back hurt while moving heavy or large objects? In this video series, our Physical Therapy students show you a few simple tips to include in your daily routine to keep your back happy and healthy. See their video tips!


C.F. Reynolds Medical History Society Lectures

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Faculty Updates & Lectures

  • Addressing Anti-Black Racism in Medicine - Utibe Essien, MD, MPH, Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine, Core Investigator, Center for Health Equity Research and Promotion, VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, provides insights into ways that racism impacts our work in the clinical and academic settings and offers approaches for addressing anti-Black racism in these settings.
  • Fridays with Friedlander - A weekly live webcast series hosted by the department of neurosurgery chairman Robert M. Friedlander, MD, presenting updates on topical neurological surgery issues, and featuring department faculty giving brief talks on their specialty—followed by an interactive Q&A session.
  • Burke and Hartman: The History and Future of COVID-19 (Webinar) - COVID-19 is one of three novel coronavirus outbreaks in the past 20 years that originated in animals. How is the current outbreak similar and different from the previous ones? What course will COVID-19 take in Pennsylvania?

Health Sciences Library System - Online Exhibits

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Continuing Education

  • Center for Continuing Education in the Health SciencesThe purpose of the Center for Continuing Education in the Health Sciences is to advance the academic, clinical, and service missions of the University of Pittsburgh Schools of the Health Sciences and UPMC through the continuing professional development of physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other health professionals and the translation of biomedical knowledge into clinical practice.
  • Dental Medicine: Edward J. Forrest Continuing Education Center: The Edward J. Forrest Continuing Education Center is a premier facility designed specifically for continuing education and funded through the generosity of our alumni. The Center includes five fully equipped operatories, a sterilization and storage room, as well as a laboratory that will accommodate twelve persons for hands-on activities
  • Continuing Nursing Education: The Pitt Nursing CE Department provides a variety of high quality live and enduring /on-line educational activities to promote lifelong learning for professional nurses.  Our areas of focus include:  advanced practice, education, leadership, and re-entry into practice
  • The Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center (MAR-PHTC): The Mid-Atlantic Regional Public Health Training Center (MAR-PHTC) is a partnership among schools of public health, academic institutions, and public health agencies and organizations. It works to strengthen the capabilities of the public health workforce to support the delivery of high quality public health services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
  • Certified In Public Health (CPH)Learn more about the examination and continuing education opportunties.

Beyond the University

  • The Mutter Museum - Spit Spreads Death: The Influenza Pandemic of 1918-19 in Philadelphia
    Explore this virtual collection complete with interactives!

  • David J. Spencer CDC Museum - Watching Hands: Artists Respond to Keeping Well
    This exhibit showcases the work of six artists who interpret the act of hand washing in innovative and unexpected ways. Recent H1N1 prevention campaigns have highlighted the importance of hand washing as one of the most effective ways to stay well. View the exhibit online!

  • Five-Minute Coronavirus Stress Resets - New York Times Article